Carnforth-Based Skin Care Experts

Our skin care and spa treatments utilise therapies which have received acclaim within the industry. Based in Carnforth, Lancashire, we offer a range of invigorating remedies which are sure to replenish the innate beauty of your skin. Experience a full range of pampering and remedial treatments including eyebrow and eyelash sculpting and restoration, anti-ageing skin rejuvenating, acne control, and more with Images Health & Beauty.

A Range of Services

When customers of any age frequent our relaxing salon environment, they are welcome to choose from any of the reinvigorating treatments we have to offer. Because we believe in providing a thorough and considered service, we complete an initial consultation with you which includes a patch test to check for any possible allergies.

Not Found in Stores

Making use of only the best, most innovative salon products, none of the treatments we provide may be found in department stores. The durations of our treatments range from half an hour to two hours, but will vary depending on which skin treatment you have selected and any individual requirements you may have. Remaining flexible, we work long hours to ensure we are able to accommodate each customer's needs.

Uniquely Tailored

The treatments we provide at Images Health & Beauty are entirely bespoke. You won't be subjected to an unbending regiment that doesn't suit your needs, because we understand that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our treatments are tailored to your preferences and skin care requirements.

Affordable and Relaxing

Because our salon is located within the home of our founder, the atmosphere we provide is warm and comfortable. Without large business overheads, we are free to offer our remarkable services to you at even lower prices.

Paramedical Skin Revision

This natural skin revision treatment was devised by the internationally recognised botanical scientist, Danné Montague-King. His transdermal delivery system and enzyme therapy continue to win acclaim from skin care professionals worldwide. Customers are welcome to ask for brochures to obtain more information.

Comprehensive Treatment

At Images Health & Beauty, there are many delightful treatments to choose from, including efficient hair removal. These include:

Page 3 - Comprehensive Treatment

  • Eyebrow and Eyelash Sculpting and Restoration

  • Electrolysis

  • Anti-Ageing

  • Acne Control

  • Pigmentation, Red Vein, and Milia Removal


Prices (Page 3)

  • A Refreshing Danné Spa Treatment - £45

  • Pro Peel (Single Treatment, 6-10 Recommended) - £55

  • Liquid Laser Resurfacing (4 Treatments; including Products) - £550

  • A Pampering, Advanced Enzyme Treatment - £65

  • A Danné Enzyme Treatment to Lift and Tighten Skin - £55

  • A 6-Layer Peel (5 Treatments, including Products) - £695

For further information on our skin care and spa treatments, call us, in Carnforth, Lancashire.