Expert Waxing Services in Carnforth

When you're searching for dependable hair removal, including facial hair reduction, look no further than our spa in Carnforth, Lancashire. At Images Health & Beauty, we understand the desire to eliminate unwanted hair and we’re here to competently and respectfully help our clients with waxing and other hair removal services.

Working for You

Because we’re skilled in a variety of hair removal techniques, we’re able to offer a range of treatments depending on our clients' requirements. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent solutions to unwanted hair growth, we use the latest technology to cater to your desires. A consultation, along with a patch test, is always provided before treatment takes place.

Banish Hair Comfortably

In order to accommodate men's waxing needs, a full waxing programme is available. A gentle and swift way to remove unwanted hair, this technique utilises cool honey and sugar waxes. The pure, essential oils included in the formula ensure you receive optimum results and maximum comfort. Once you have been treated, hair will gradually return across a period of 4-8 weeks.

Wide-Ranging Treatments

The hair removal options we provide are extensive and affordable. They include:

Page 4 - Wide-Ranging Treatments

  • Forearm - £9.50

  • Underarm - £8.50

  • Bikini Line - £9

  • Underarm & Bikini Line - £16

  • Lip - £6.50

  • Chin - £6.50

  • Lip & Chin - £12

  • Extended Bikini Line - £14

  • Eye Brow - £6

  • Brazilian - £25

  • Back/Chest - £20

  • Bikini Line - £25

  • Full Arm - £15

  • Full Leg - £18

  • 1/4 Leg - £15

  • Half Leg (Knee, Ankle, and Toes) - £10

Pain-Free Hair Removal

The Danné Montague-King alkaline wash system is a remarkable treatment designed to reduce fine, downy facial hair. Capable of treating a large area in one session, the application of this wash results in a permanent reduction of hair growth. Additionally, this wash helps to treat acne, has applications in skin resurfacing, and reduces the appearance of scars. Customers are welcome to ask for a leaflet containing information. The price of this service is as follows:

Page 4 - Pain-Free Hair Removal

  • Face Sides - £45

  • Lip or Chin - £27

  • Lip and Chin - £35

  • Full Face - £57

Permanent Hair Reduction

A next-generation, thermodynamic hair removal solution is also available. Suitable for diabetics and with no risk of skin trauma, this treatment is effective against all hair colours and is safe for all skin types, including tanned skin.

Avoiding the Needle

When you prefer a non-invasive treatment, we offer AHRS™ electrolysis. This comfortable procedure removes hair without the use of needles.

Modernised Treatments

Just like our cryotherapy, we embrace the future of salon treatments with advanced epilation. Call, text, or email today; consultation is free and prices are from £15.

To learn more about our waxing and hair removal, contact us, in Carnforth, Lancashire.